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     I am so glad you found us! Within our pages you will find clergy stoles for all of the liturgical seasons. We have Pentecost stoles, wedding stoles, Celtic stoles, baptism stoles, Advent stoles, Easter stoles-you get the picture!     

      My clergy stoles, both priest stoles and deacon stoles are made by me-by hand. There is a minimum of six hours of labor in each one; more depending on the degree of complexity of the design. Since these liturgical stoles are made by hand, they can be custom made to your specifications. I can customize any of the designs and sew them in any length. Our clerical stoles are made from a variety of fabrics and methods of decoration. The majority of the designs are rendered in machine embroidery but you will also find hand painted and pieced clergy stoles.

      Since I cannot assume that everyone knows about liturgical seasons or about “stole protocol”, a quick explanation is offered. There are four liturgical seasons and each is represented by a color. Red, white, green and purple (can also be blue) represent these seasons. Red is for festivities and includes Pentecost stoles. White includes wedding stoles, baptism stoles, and Easter stoles. Purple includes the Advent stoles, where blue is an optional color that can be worn. Purple or violet is also worn for the season of Lent. The green season, also known as Ordinary Time, includes everything else and is the longest color season of the church. Celtic stoles and designs, which are most commonly green, can be worked into all color seasons.

      If you are interested in making your own liturgical stole or one as a gift, I can direct you to a website where you will find clergy stole patterns. At the Church Linens website (see our Links page for their address) you will find priest stole patterns and deacon stole patterns which contains two methods of sewing, the “pillow case” method and the “set-back” method. On my site, you will find I use the “set-back” method for all of my stoles. Since not all clergy stole patterns are created equally, I can’t encourage you enough to go with Church Linens patterns and directions.

     Clerical stoles are not difficult to sew necessarily, but you will need to dedicate some time and thought before attempting to make one. Certain Christian symbols are more suited to particular seasons or festivities. Some examples are Pentecost stoles can be decorated with flames and/or descending dove(s). Wedding stoles can be decorated with gold rings, roses, candles, etc. Baptism stoles often have doves, water, shells, etc. Easter stoles just beg for Easter lilies and crosses! Celtic stoles which usually have some variation of a Celtic knot can be rendered in each of the colors as it is the knot-work that is the most fascinating detail on the stoles. The fun part of making clerical stoles comes after cutting out the fabric, and that would be decorating them! You can let your creativity loose and create a masterpiece!

     Please-take your time and browse through all of our clergy stoles. New stoles, pictures, and information are being added often. If you would like to be kept abreast of new products being offered, please sign up on our mailing list. You will receive updates on the day new products are added.

As always, have a blessed day,

Paula Miller

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